4 Tips on How to Improve & Enjoy Your Life

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

1. Build trust in yourself.

The first thing you need is to know is that you can 100% trust in yourself! I promise you - you can, even though you are saying now ‘Oh, you don’t know me’. You can do it and I have many examples to give in that regard. Yeah, I don’t even know you, but I know certain things that you keep deep inside yourself that you have forgotten about. Perhaps, you can’t forget about something that you can’t even remember, right?

You have all the tools to believe in yourself! Grab a pen and a paper and put down everything you have accomplished in your life so far. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Just do it! It doesn’t cost you anything but will bring you a fortune. Trust me, you’ll see how many things you didn’t know about yourself (yeah, sure you know all these accomplishments, but you have kept them so deep down inside that is seems that they are not related to you).

And, I promise you that it is going to take 1 to 2 minutes! You don’t have time for this now? If you don’t have 2 minutes for yourself, how the heck, do you expect to make your dreams come true? Your dreams need you and they need you to focus on yourself. Your dreams need to trust you, so the first step is you to trust in yourself!

2. Passion.

We witness the achievements of men and women succeeded in following their dreams and transformed the world we live in. Thank to these enthusiasts we use electricity, fly in the sky, watch TV, use the internet and brows in social media. These people have had one essential thing that helped them in getting their dreams to come true - passion.

Just imagine - the world is witting for your ‘drawing’, waiting for your enthusiasm to be awakened and shown to everyone. Imagine that someone is waiting for your idea, your word, your action. Someone or something is waiting just right for YOU!

Sit and write down what you are passionate or enthusiastic about. It will take you just as much as putting down your achievements (1-2 minutes). Stick the sheet of this writing on your refrigerator and look at your note every time you open it. I promise you that reading your passions will recharge your mood straight away! I promise you!

3. Setting & Achieving Goals.

We are setting goals daily without even realising it. Sometimes we are setting the goals even the day before, aren’t we (what we going to wear, what we going to do or not do, who are going to see tomorrow, the list is endless). We do achieve all these things without really noticing, right?

We do this because is part of our daily routine. We have no fear of doing those things, we have no doubts about those goals happening, don’t we? In fact, it’s pretty interesting that we still can’t achieve our so dreamed goals (our dreams are our goals. Remember!). Why so? Why we can’t do it and we only wish about it? It would have been so freaking amazing if we could have made our dreams come true so easily, right?

In order to ease all this to happen, we need to make our dreams daily routine. Think about it! Right! Now, there is just a small adjustment you need to do to the things you wrote down and tick on the refrigerator’s door. Do you remember - passionate and enthusiast list of yours? Now, I’m sure you know what is required to get there. You may even start your ‘Goal achieving recipe book’ by putting all ‘ingredient in it’. Fun, right? You’ll see how easy it is! I promise! And it's not even scary!

4. How do we look for others.

Well, that’s an interesting one. Sometimes we over- or underestimate it. Yep, that’s fine. It’s absolutely normal to do it. But how we look in someone else’s eye is pretty important. And just to clarify, I’m not talking about how you physically look for others but the impressions you leave on other people’s minds. Right? well, if I say that it doesn’t matter how you physically look is not important nowadays, surely, I’ll be wrong. Nowadays, in different countries around the world that matters at some point, but not everywhere. Relax!

Luckily, we all have the ability to develop our inner talents. Some of us don’t even know about the existence of any, but we all have. You just haven’t found yours yet. This is how you going to impress others. You might be a good speaker, motivator, reader, listener, friend, parent, you name it. Unfortunately, we tend to hear the negatives rather than the positives about ourselves. This is because we have a congenital impulse for improving ourselves and hearing something negative about us, we tend to remember it in order to improve and develop our life and how others accept our appearance.

Being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself! That makes you unique and distinguishes you among others. Think about Disney - he’s being different from others, that's why he's widely recognised worldwide. You want to be like him, or you want to imitate the girl next door? Think about it and write it down as well. Think about who you want to idealise in your life and list down what kind of person or character he or she is. Then, match or tick your qualities comparing to his/hers. Here you go! One step closer to your real you!

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